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Why do so many education leaders turn to Cross & Joftus? Our firm couples unmatched experience with a highly personalized approach that ensures all clients receive the expert advice and assistance they need for success. We offer these core services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Policy Research and Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Technical Assistance

School system improvement, expanded learning, and information exchange are areas where our firm has applied these core services to develop innovative recommendations and solutions for our clients.

Strategic Planning
Is your organization looking to enhance focus and direction for its education improvement efforts? We help education leaders chart a new course by creating a shared vision, identifying measurable goals and benchmarks, and crafting practical strategies for achieving desired outcomes. With our guidance, our clients are encouraged to plan and pursue initiatives to effect positive changes in education. Read more arrow

Policy Research and Analysis
Cross & Joftus consults with policymakers at the district, state, and federal levels and with nonprofit leaders to inform the development of programs, legislation, regulations, and guidance to improve education outcomes for children and youth. Our approaches and recommended solutions are grounded in research, reflect best practices, and are politically and financially feasible. Read more arrow

Is your initiative being implemented as intended? Is it producing results? Why or why not? Understanding why education and youth-serving programs are working and their effects on student achievement is key to the success of any reform effort. Our firm conducts formative evaluations during program implementation that provide data to improve program performance. We also conduct summative evaluations at the end of a program to determine the extent to which anticipated outcomes were produced. Evaluation enables program improvement and facilitates program accountability. Read more arrow

Technical Assistance
Armed with information gathered during strategic planning, from research and analyses, and through evaluations, Cross & Joftus helps clients implement changes in program, policy, and organizational structure to better meet their education goals. Technical assistance activities include webinars, presentations, workshops, and intensive on-site consultations. Read more arrow