Armed with information gathered during strategic planning, from research and analyses, and through evaluations, Cross & Joftus helps clients implement changes in program, policy, and organizational structure to better meet their education goals. Technical assistance activities include webinars, presentations, workshops, and intensive on-site consultations.

We advise organizations, including the Kansas Department of Education, Rogers (Arkansas) School District, the Mott Statewide Afterschool Networks, and Turner (Kansas) School District, as they convert priorities from ideas into practice. The Cross & Joftus partners and associates are authorities in school system management and governance, youth engagement, special education and the Response to Intervention approach, school dropout prevention, school technology use, student and teacher assessment, teacher preparation and certification, early childhood care and education, program evaluation, and more. With access to this diverse and considerable expertise, we can provide tailored support to meet any client need. Support can take the form of, for example, executive coaching, implementation plan development, curriculum review, and/or classroom-walkthrough training. The duration of the assistance can range from a few hours over the phone to several weeks of in-person collaboration.