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Is your initiative being implemented as intended? Is it producing results? Why or why not? Understanding which education and youth-serving programs are working and their effects on student achievement are key to the success of any reform effort. Our firm conducts formative evaluations during program implementation that provide data to improve program performance. We also conduct summative evaluations at the end of a program to determine the extent to which anticipated outcomes were produced. Evaluation enables program improvement and facilitates program accountability.

Our evaluation methodology, used with clients such as the Arkansas Department of Education, the Ellis Center for Educational Excellence, and the National Governors Association, Center on Best Practices, employs both quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis to assess program efficacy. We look at, for example, student achievement data, school attendance rates, high school graduation rates, and Advanced Placement participation rates. Through surveys, interviews, and focus groups, we also gather feedback on how key stakeholders view your initiative. This data provides the basis for our recommendations on how to improve your initiative and help ensure its success.