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Allentown School District
Cross & Joftus is conducting a fiscal analysis for the district in partnership with Education Resource Strategies. The analysis will allow the district to better understand and direct resources toward education priorities.

Arkansas Department of Education
Cross & Joftus worked with the Arkansas Department of Education and a consortium of six Arkansas districts to improve the use of data and technology in fostering whole-system improvement. Our firm conducted an evaluation of district and state implementation of and satisfaction with the statewide data system and provided recommendations to all stakeholders for improvements, including how to use data more effectively to inform the teaching and learning process.

Buffalo City Schools
Under a contract from Say Yes to Education, Cross & Joftus will conduct a comprehensive review of the district's human resources, special education, and curriculum and instruction systems (which will include systematic observations in over 100 classrooms). We will provide a report that summarizes key strengths and challenges and recommendations for improvement.

California Department of Education
Cross & Joftus consultants helped the California Department of Education, and its key partners, create a cutting-edge web portal that will put high quality, innovative standards, as well as research-based materials and resources, at the finger tips of the state's educators. This tool will enable teachers, principals, and, eventually, all education stakeholders to communicate, share, and network with their peers in other buildings and districts across the state and, later, across the nation. Our consultants coordinated the project from the research and development phase through pilot implementation. This included providing expertise and leadership in project management, fundraising, and strategic planning and curriculum development. It also includes facilitating and building relationships among multiple stakeholder groups and partners statewide.

The California Department of Education has selected Cross & Joftus to provide services for districts in the state that have been identified for improvement.

Camden City, NJ Board of Education
In partnership with our good friends at UPD, we will help the Camden, NJ Board of Education craft a 5-year Strategic Plan. To arrive at such a plan, we will provide:
   • Research on exemplar models of education
   • Recommendations of new programs/revisions to existing programs
   • Financial modeling
   • Recommendations regarding data use and technology
   • Facilities planning

The final deliverable, the strategic plan, will include district vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies as well as recommended metrics for determining whether the strategic plan is successfully being executed as designed.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) Schools
Working with the American Institutes for Research and a community stakeholder group chaired by a former mayor, Cross & Joftus led a wide ranging data collection effort, including community meetings, interviews, surveys, and data analysis. The work deflected pressure to break up the county-city school district, while providing guidance on ways to better support all schools and engage all stakeholders. The work and resulting report laid the groundwork for significant improvement across the district. According to recently retired superintendent, Peter Gorman, "When I was appointed superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, The Findings and Recommendations of the Citizens' Task Force on Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools prepared by the American Institutes for Research and Cross & Joftus provided a great roadmap for reform. Many of the recommendations helped put the district on the path to winning The Broad Prize For Urban Education in 2011."

City of Philadelphia
On behalf of the mayor's office, our firm analyzed governance and management systems of the School District of Philadelphia and provided recommendations for improvement to a city task force.

Creighton (AZ) School District
On behalf of the Ellis Center for Educational Excellence, we conducted, with support from WestED, an evaluation of the district's effort to implement comprehensive, systemic reform that will result in increased student achievement and a narrowing of achievement gaps.

Dallas Independent School District
Cross & Joftus is conducting a comprehensive needs assessment of the school district and facilitating the development of a five-year strategic plan with the goal of helping to make the school district one of the best in the country.

Denver Public Schools
Cross & Joftus is working with the district, under a grant from the Wallace Foundation, to improve the way it screens and selects principals to ensure that instructional superintendents and school communities are able to identify the best principal to meet schools' needs.

District of Columbia Public Schools
Cross & Joftus helped the district develop a number of documents that describe the purpose and components of its accountability system to communicate with a variety of stakeholders. We evaluated effectiveness of school-based programs, including planning, formative assessment programs, and reading initiatives.

District of Columbia Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Under a major contract from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we provided operational support to the state superintendent as she implemented her strategic initiatives. We also conducted an evaluation of the state's Supplemental Education Services program that is mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act.

Hawaii Department of Education
Another partnership with UPD, this project will focus on the development and implementation of an employee performance and evaluation system. We will have the opportunity to put our vast experience in the area of classroom walkthroughs to work and make our mark on the national dialogue around teacher improvement and evaluation.

Hillsborough County (FL) Public Schools
With the support of The Wallace Foundation and a working committee of district leaders, principals and assistant principals, Hillsborough County Public Schools has identified eight guiding statements regarding what successful principals should be able to accomplish to lead their schools successfully and move student achievement forward. From those eight guiding statements, a group of 20 competencies will now serve as the foundation for all strategic talent management efforts aimed at boosting the quality of principals leading Hillsborough County schools, and the support and development they receive to ensure success in their roles. C&J has been engaged to support this work by completing a review of the competency model, facilitating committees to complete rubrics, and designing principal pipeline selection processes. www.sdhc.k12.fl.uss

Huntsville City Schools
Under a contract from The Broad Center, Cross & Joftus conducted a review of the district's special education system, including an analysis of leadership, culture, and instructional practices and provided recommendations for improvement.

Kansas Department of Education
In 2008-09, Cross & Joftus worked with the state education agency (SEA) and five low-performing school districts through the Kansas Learning Network, a collaborative, systemic effort to improve the support the SEA provides to districts and the quality of districts and schools and, ultimately, to increase student achievement. Since that time, C&J has served every school and district in the state that is in need of improvement. Now in our fourth year, evaluations are showing significant gains in student achievement, demonstrations of adequate yearly progress, and high satisfaction and sense of efficacy among key stakeholders.

Los Angeles County Office of Education
Cross & Joftus is training staff on using our research-based classroom-walkthrough model and participating in a program review of a juvenile facility to determine the educational needs and to make recommendations for improvement.

LAUSD Charter School Special Needs Services Project
Cross & Joftus was awarded a contract to work with 168 charter schools in Los Angeles Unified School District. The primary focus was to examine the extent to which supports and services for special needs students were in place, and whether those services were high quality, effective, and research based. Gaps in services and quality were addressed by developing and implementing programs to serve a more comprehensive set of students with disabilities, including those students with more extensive needs. The scope of this work required the collaborative identification of needs and the design of creative service models that meet legal requirements. The project design and its outcomes have the potential to become a model that may be used in other systems, both traditional and charter, and is a new approach to school organization that recognizes the unique nature and potential of charter schools and CMOs/EMOs in providing for the needs of students with disabilities.

Under our contract with the Reform Support Network, C&J is producing a series of curriculum mapping tools to support Massachusetts' implementation of college-ready standards.

Cross & Joftus chairman Christopher Cross served as the senior adviser and counselor to the Governor's Blue Ribbon Task Force on Education. The task force, led by Elaine Wynn, director of Wynn Resorts, and Dan Klaich, Chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education, guided the development of Nevada's Race to the Top Application and also made recommendations to the legislature and governor for major changes in state policy for K-12 education. With few exceptions, those recommendations were adopted in the 2011 legislative session and were signed by Governor Brian Sandoval on June 15, 2011. The changes include governance, educator evaluation, alternative sources for licensure and support of charter schools.

New York State Department of Education
Working as a subcontractor to Cambridge Education, Cross & Joftus will be assisting the state by providing training and tools for principal evaluators. Specifically, C&J consultants will help to develop and implement a participant-centered case method training plan for principal evaluators; design, develop, and produce learning materials and resources for principals and principal evaluators; provide statewide training using a train-the-trainer model; and design training services for administrators and principals to develop and implement Student Learning Objectives as part of principal evaluation.

Pittsburgh Public Schools
On behalf of the Broad Foundation, we advised the district's new superintendent and senior staff on how to use the No Child Left Behind Act to leverage educational improvement.

Race to the Top Technical Assistance Network
Scott Joftus was the founding director of this effort by the federal government to support states that won a Race to the Top grant. The RTT TA Network is designed to help states implement Race to the Top reforms and achieve dramatic improvements in student outcomes. The Network is demand-driven and flexible to support state and federal goals and needs, and will adapt over time to ensure ongoing quality and relevance of services and resources. The Network ensures intensive and high quality technical assistance for RTT states while also supporting reform efforts in all states. Scott is now serving as senior strategic advisor and technical assistance provider.

Rogers School District (Ark.)
On behalf of the Rogers Development Foundation, Cross & Joftus conducted a comprehensive needs analysis and developed a strategic plan for Rogers School District, a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse school district serving 13,000 students. The needs analysis engaged district administrators and community leaders in a process of inquiry that modeled a process of continuous improvement and resulted in the identification of strengths and weaknesses related to the district's management and governance systems. The strategic planning process used the results of the needs analysis and to develop short- and long-term goals, measurable objectives, and actionable strategies that should result in systemic improvement. We will be working with the school system and foundation to help implement the strategic plan during the next few years.

Sacramento County Office of Education
Cross & Joftus is providing the Juvenile Court and Community school programs and special education departments with the following services: (a) review and confer on State and Federal compliance within Juvenile Court schools, Community schools, and special education department; (b) evaluate effectiveness of current database systems and the impact of data on instructional programs; (c) provide a protocol of best practices in serving high-risk youth that could be utilized as a template with other county offices of education; (d) provide training to staff on using classroom observations to evaluate past professional development efforts and plan for future ones.

Syracuse City School District
Cross & Joftus is conducting a review of the district's special education program, including an assessment of the quality of instruction and services to students with disabilities and those considered at risk of academic failure. C&J will identify strengths and challenges and make recommendations for improvement.Cross & Joftus is also conducting a review of the district's human capital policies, systems, and practices.

Wayne Township MSD, Indianapolis, IN
Cross & Joftus has worked for the past seven years with seven Wayne Township schools (6 elementary schools no smaller than 625 students, and 1 high school serving 10th-12th grade students with a population of 4300 students) all of which are on Program Improvement for students with disabilities. Cross & Joftus has provided evaluations of student data systems and services, integration of services with intervention programs currently in place, support for leadership at each of the schools, in-service and professional development opportunities for staff, and individual counseling and coaching for district office staff and school site teams. Of the six elementary schools served, five are currently off PI status, and the sixth has made AYP for the first year. The high school has reevaluated and reorganized its services and administration and is moving forward with improvements in AYP, attendance, and graduation rates for students with disabilities.