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Alliance for Excellent Education
Cross & Joftus authored policy briefs describing state-by-state analyses of the economic and social benefits that can be expected as a result of improving America's high schools and producing more high school graduates.

Arkansas Public School Resource Center
Our firm conducted a needs analysis and helped develop a strategic plan for a new nonprofit organization that will provide technical assistance to and advocate on behalf of public charter schools and small, rural, traditional public schools. The plan resulted in a $3 million grant from the Walton Foundation.

Aspen Institute
Our firm is a partner in the design, facilitation, and direction of the Senior Congressional Education Staff project, a series of seminars and meetings intended to increase understanding of education policy issues among key congressional staff members. Read more arrow

Casey Family Programs
Our firm drafted recommendations for two policy action briefs. The first focused on reauthorization of the Higher Education Act to improve outcomes for youth in foster care. The second focused on reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act to improve outcomes for children and youth in foster care.

Center on Education Policy
Cross & Joftus wrote a chapter each year for three years on teacher quality for the organization's annual report on the of the No Child Left Behind Act. We also conducted case studies of district implementation of NCLB.

Center for Reform of School Systems
Cross & Joftus conducted an evaluation of the Texas Institute for School Boards, a four-day training for new local school board members in Texas.

Center for Reinventing Public Education, University of Washington
We provided strategic communications and policy analysis support to the Center's School Finance Redesign Project.

Children's Defense Fund
Our firm conducted research on trends, new research, and policy changes at the federal and state levels on child care, early childhood education, and after-school programs for the organization's State of America's Children Report.

Colorado Children's Campaign
Cross & Joftus authored a policy paper on converting large high schools into smaller schools as well as a policy brief describing the low graduation rate in Colorado and proposing local and state recommendations. We wrote a policy paper summarizing findings of and suggesting implications for evaluations conducted of Manual High School's efforts to create small schools. The firm also wrote a report for the Colorado Commission for High School Improvement outlining recommendations for high school reform in the state. In addition, we authored a paper, High School Reform in Colorado: A History of Efforts and Lessons for the Future, on the history of high school reform in Colorado.

Council of the Chief State School Officers
Our firm helped the organization's technical assistance team collect feedback from stakeholders about how to improve services. We also drafted a proposal soliciting funding from major foundations to support a program to help build the capacity of state education agencies to improve low-performing high schools.

Education Commission of the States
Cross & Joftus worked with the CEO to develop a strategic plan to enhance the role of education commissioners and helped the Education Commission of the States (ECS) implement a long-term strategy that collectively engages state policymakers in leading education transformation. Toward that end, the approach would be to leverage successfully the ECS compact and commissioner infrastructure—both within and across state lines—and to work with ECS to secure initial funding for enhancing collaborative action among state education policymakers.

James B. Hunt Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy
We worked with the Hunt institute to advise them on a number of major program areas including the implementation of common core standards in the states, the development of a fellows program for state leaders and a tri-state initiative to integrate services in support of disadvantaged children.

Learning Point Associates
Cross & Joftus developed and facilitated meetings with Learning Point Associates and several states on issues affecting the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act and its effect on students who are covered by provisions under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Many of the changes identified were subsequently reflected in the IDEA reauthorization. We authored a newsletter on ways to reallocate resources to support school reform strategies. Finally, our firm wrote a paper on “Using Expanded Learning to Support School Reform” for a volume that was distributed at a National Press Club event in January 2009.

National Academies (National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council)
Our firm provided strategic consulting services for the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP).

National Center For Summer Learning, Johns Hopkins University
We developed a methodology and collected information to assess the supply and demand for summer programs in a variety of locations, including the state of Maryland; Marion County, Indiana; and eight cities in California. The data is being used to inform investments in summer programs in states and districts.

National Center on Time and Learning
We have begun research to develop six finance profiles of Expanded Learning Schools that focus on how schools/districts are financing their longer days. These profiles focus on high-poverty schools that have expanded the school day for all students adding more than 300 hours of time. We will also produce a summary that looks at findings across the six schools.

National Education Knowledge Industry Association
We helped design and facilitate the organization's process to develop a vision and plan for improving the development and use of knowledge in education. Our firm wrote a paper on the topic for use with the organization's stakeholders.

National Governors Association, Center on Best Practices
Cross & Joftus evaluated the center's work to help states develop sound policies related to public school choice. Our firm also conducted an evaluation of the Phase II Honor States grant program that aims to help 17 states redesign their high schools. Our firm developed a compendium of promising state practices for high school reform in connection with Virginia Governor Mark Warner's high school initiative. Finally, we developed an overview of states' progress in implementing high school reforms.

National High School Alliance
Cross & Joftus conducted an analysis of foundations' giving for high school improvement and offered advice on whether to create a High School Funders' Collaborative.

National League of Cities
Cross & Joftus helped the National League of Cities with its work on expanded learning by preparing a series of strategy briefs that help city leaders to mobilize resources and build support for afterschool programs. Our firm also provided support to NLC's network of afterschool leaders at conferences and meetings.

New Teacher Center
Our firm assisted the New Teacher Center and the Joyce Foundation in the development of a regional conference bringing together leaders from three states to develop policies for advancing high-quality teacher induction programs in those states, with particular emphasis on the establishment of programs in the major cities.

Reading Recovery Council of North America
Our firm conducted a strategic planning session to help inform the organization's advocacy efforts.

The Smithsonian Institution
The Smithsonian Institution's Center for Education and Museum Studies has awarded Cross & Joftus a contract to design, develop and manage an evaluation to better understand the needs and behaviors of educators utilizing digital museum content. The DLR project is a collaboration between the Smithsonian, the California Department of Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers and the Pearson Foundation. The principal aim of the evaluation is to transition Smithsonian's digital educational resources from being a provider of content to be being a "facilitator for user selection and creation of content."

Society for Science and the Public
Cross & Joftus facilitated strategic planning sessions for the manager of the Intel Talent Search, which had recently received a significant grant from Intel.

United Way of America
We supported United Way staff in developing strategies and resources for the organization's new education initiatives that focus on older children and youth with an emphasis on dropout reduction. This involved collecting and analyzing data on the current activities and capacities of local United Ways and developing strategies to expand this work over the next five years. Our firm also developed and implemented a strategic plan for linking schools and community partners to expand learning from preschool through college.