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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Cross & Joftus provided operational support to the District of Columbia's State Superintendent as she implemented her strategic initiatives. Building on work done for the Joyce Foundation, we also developed an in-depth understanding of the policy and advocacy environment in Illinois for advancing education reform. This project included interviews with key stakeholders and leaders involved in state-level education issues in Illinois. The objective was to determine where and how the philanthropic community could invest effectively in strengthening education reform in the state. In addition, we authored a guide for district leaders on the development of a high-performing system of schools. Cross & Joftus also wrote a guide for district leaders on developing a high-performing system of schools and a policy paper describing the foundation's vision for high school reform.

Broad Foundation
Our firm advised superintendents trained by the Broad Center for Superintendents on how to use the No Child Left Behind Act to leverage educational improvement.

C.S. Mott Foundation
Cross & Joftus helped the foundation develop resources to support school districts and other organizations seeking to expand learning time. This work involved identifying financing models for expanded learning time, documenting successful financing strategies that could be replicated in other places, and providing technical assistance to states and localities seeking to sustain expanded learning programs and policies. We also provided technical assistance to five states that were working to better align their after school and early care activities. Finally, we wrote Dollars and Sense: A First Look at Financing a New Day for Learning, a paper on financing strategies for expanded learning.

Ellis Center for Educational Excellence (Ellis Center)
Our firm advised a new foundation on a strategy to have the maximum and sustainable effect on a limited number of school districts in the Phoenix area. We also advised the Ellis Center on staffing, strategic implementation, evaluation, and management. We also conducted an evaluation of the Center's district improvement initiative. This included funding WestED to work closely with Creighton (AZ) School District in implementing comprehensive, systemic reform that will result in increased student achievement and a narrowing of achievement gaps. In addition, we helped the Center develop and facilitate a national advisory board that will inform their work.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Cross & Joftus developed, implemented, and evaluated an education policy and advocacy campaign intended to improve education policy making in the states of Kansas and Missouri. On behalf of chairperson Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, our firm also conducted a strategic planning effort for the Education Commission of the States. Cross & Joftus helped the foundation plan strategically for its multimillion-dollar, 10-year initiative to improve math and science education in the United States. Finally, we drafted a policy paper based on Missouri Governor Matt Blunt's science, technology, engineering, and math statewide summit.

Foundation for the Carolinas
Cross & Joftus analyzed governance and management systems of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg (NC) School System and provided recommendations for improvement, including a blueprint for a citizen's committee to monitor and support the CMS school system.

Frontline Healthcare Workers Safety Foundation
Our firm designed and conducted evaluations of the foundation's biosafety and biocontainment courses for emergency first responders and frontline healthcare workers.

Haan Foundation for Children
Our firm provided strategic communication support to the Power4Kids Initiative, a $10 million research study of interventions for struggling elementary school readers.

Hall Family Foundation
We conducted a review of the foundation's education grants and that assisted with the development of a strategy for future education grantmaking.

Hewlett, Gates, Irvine, and Stuart Foundations
Our firm developed and implemented a comprehensive, multistage policy development, communications, and advocacy strategy to help translate research on the California education system for whole system improvement.,,, and

Joyce Foundation
We studied the creation of state education advocacy organizations across the country to determine lessons learned and the potential impact of new organizations in certain states. We also assisted the foundation and the New Teacher Center in the development of a regional conference consisting of leaders from three states to develop policies for advancing high-quality teacher induction programs in those states, with particular emphasis on the establishment of programs in the major cities.

Nellie Mae Education Foundation
Cross & Joftus is supporting the foundation and four school districts, to develop budgets and reallocate resources to support implementation of a District Level Systems Change initiative that creates opportunities to expand student centered learning approaches.

Rogers Development Foundation
Cross & Joftus conducted a comprehensive needs analysis and developed a strategic plan for Rogers (Arkansas) School District, a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse school district serving 13,000 students. The needs analysis engaged district administrators and community leaders in a process of inquiry that modeled a process of continuous improvement and resulted in the identification of strengths and weaknesses related to the district's management and governance systems. The strategic planning process used the results of the needs analysis to develop short- and long-term goals, measurable objectives, and actionable strategies that should result in systemic improvement. Cross & Joftus will be working with the school system and Foundation to help implement the strategic plan over the next few years.

Say Yes to Education Foundation
Cross & Joftus provided support to the foundation as it implemented a strategy to promote improved graduation rates and post-secondary attendance, district wide in Syracuse, New York. This work involved providing guidance on structuring the intermediary organization that will oversee the project and working with district personnel on financing and sustaining this work.

Wallace Foundation
Sharon Deich and Heather Padgette have begun a three-year project to provide technical assistance on finance and sustainability to the Wallace Foundation's Next Generation After School Systems Building Initiative. The TA team for this project includes C&J, The National League of Cities, the National Institute of Out-of-School Learning, and the Gardner Center at Stanford University. We will be supporting nine cities as they strengthen their afterschool infrastructure, implement quality enhancements and expand OST programming.

Walton Family Foundation
Cross & Joftus conducted a statewide needs analysis and a strategic plan for a new nonprofit that provides technical assistance to and advocates on the behalf of public charter schools and small, rural, traditional public schools. In partnership with Triand, Inc., Cross & Joftus worked with the Arkansas Department of Education and a consortium of six Arkansas districts to improve the use of data and technology in fostering whole-system improvement. Cross & Joftus conducted an evaluation of district and state implementation of and satisfaction with the statewide data system and provided recommendations to all stakeholders for improvements, including how to use data more effectively to inform the teaching and learning process.